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The 'job' of a Business Owner is demanding...

Marketing, sales, finance, customer service, contract negotiations - the list goes on! Employing staff to support you in responding to the demands of your customers, can often bring further challenges. 

With more than 25 years experience and having run a business employing 40 staff, I understand the full scope of the pressures you will be facing on an ongoing basis.

I also understand the importance of seeing things from your point of view, as the Business Owner.

How Inside Edge HR can support you in building your business, and the LIFE you want it to bring


Employment contracts, policies, processes and procedures to 'fit' your business.  Day to day advice to guide you through individual situations that arise.  To provide you with the assurance you need that you are acting fairly and consistently.

Business Structure

Support to plan and manage the changes to structure, roles and responsibilities of your staff in response to your growth needs. Ensuring smooth transitions to maintain operational effectiveness and meet your long term objectives.

The 'Hamster Wheel'

Identifying the repeating people patterns' in your business. To build on those that support you, resolve those working against you, costing you time, money and testing your sanity (!) To step off your 'Hamster Wheel' and drive your business forward.


Ongoing development of your business 'culture' and personal management style. To enable you to improve day to day conversations with your staff, reduce negative situations and operate on the basis of mutual respect.  

Performance & Retention

To identify the right strategy for you and your business that will recognise and reward your staff. To create opportunities for personal development and team working, increase motivation and maintain high performance. 

Business / Life Balance

Support to identify the solutions which will enable you to strike the right balance between your business and personal life. To delegate, streamline people processes and position yourself in the role required to, ultimately, support your exit strategy.

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Spend 60 mins with a qualified HR expert, in a confidential and complimentary kickstart consultation, to identify your biggest people challenges and what you can do about them to grow your business without the growing pains

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