Move your business forward without worrying about people issues

Need a straightforward HR chat with someone who knows what its actually like to run a business employing staff?

Someone who:

  • Avoids the HR ‘speak’
  • Won't hit you over the head with the law or say you're getting it all wrong 
  • Doesn't give you a HR ‘sales pitch’ that leaves you feeling convinced you’re going to get sued if you don’t do something in the next 24 hours !

Lets keep it simple from the start with the offer of:

A complimentary HR Kickstart Session

In this 60 minute one-to-one supportive and confidential consultation via telephone, Zoom/ or Skype, we can walk through whats on your mind on the people side of your business and work together to :

  • Get clarity on the people ‘outcomes’ you need
  • Identify the building blocks for achieving your goals
  • Understand the obstacles and roadblocks that could be getting in your way
  • Identify the actions you can take to overcome them 

I'll be on your side from the start, no matter how you may be feeling about the HR side of your business.

Or 'HR' in general !

Take a moment to think about the future:

How will you feel in 12 months time about your business if things carry on as they are?

If that doesn’t feel right, you can change it.

So give yourself the opportunity to get the Inside Edge on your HR.




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