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HR Legal Compliance - Whats Really in it for Business Owners?

legal compliance Mar 18, 2019

Imagine for a moment you’re going on holiday for 4 weeks. Now there’s a thought for a start. But, it’s only 4 weeks of your life.

Would you let someone you don’t know very well and doesn’t know where you’re going on your holiday - pack your bags for you?

Imagine the morning after that long flight, unzipping your case. What could you potentially find?

Swimsuits and flip-flops for a skiing holiday or camping equipment and mountain boots when you’re on a cruise ship.

YOU know where you’re going, know the right clothes, the potential ‘bits’ of kit you need and the right documents to have. It sounds obvious that you’re not going to let someone else you hardly know do it for you. 


Hold that thought.

Charlie’s Story

Charlie is a Business Owner. He started out ‘solo’. He did a great job, clients loved him and he had more business than he could handle. Following initial success,...

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