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HR Confessions of a Business Owner

preparing for growth Jun 18, 2019

Imagine if there was a Business Owner’s equivalent to ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ where you could meet in a private room and be able to stand up and say openly ‘My name is …… and I have people problems’.  You could then be guided through a 12-step process with a group of similar feeling, downtrodden Business Owners in order to get ‘sober’.

The reality is that you are likely to operate in isolation with a number of conflicting pressures and, as a result, may convince yourself at some point that everyone else gets it right.

And you simply don’t.

Or, alternatively, you draw the conclusion that ‘it is what it is’, plough on regardless and, gradually over time behind the scenes, simply lose the enjoyment of what you set out to do.

You may then find yourself becoming a ‘self-confessed cynic’ about employing staff.

This can be the Real World of HR for the Owners of small businesses when they are...

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HR Legal Compliance - Whats Really in it for Business Owners?

legal compliance Mar 18, 2019

Imagine for a moment you’re going on holiday for 4 weeks. Now there’s a thought for a start. But, it’s only 4 weeks of your life.

Would you let someone you don’t know very well and doesn’t know where you’re going on your holiday - pack your bags for you?

Imagine the morning after that long flight, unzipping your case. What could you potentially find?

Swimsuits and flip-flops for a skiing holiday or camping equipment and mountain boots when you’re on a cruise ship.

YOU know where you’re going, know the right clothes, the potential ‘bits’ of kit you need and the right documents to have. It sounds obvious that you’re not going to let someone else you hardly know do it for you. 


Hold that thought.

Charlie’s Story

Charlie is a Business Owner. He started out ‘solo’. He did a great job, clients loved him and he had more business than he could handle. Following initial success,...

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Does Size Matter in a Small Business?

preparing for growth Feb 06, 2019

You own your own business, so that must mean you leave home every morning saying to those nearest and dearest: ‘I’m just off to do a couple of ‘small’ things today’.

Afterall, you only run a ‘small’ business. Right?

You probably daydream occasionally about how you found yourself here.

Maybe it was after a few years in ‘Corporate’, starting endless days grumbling under your soggy umbrella. You waited begrudgingly for public transport you felt you spent half your salary on  – just to have the pleasure of standing up all the way to your ‘day job’.

Or alternatively, you skipped membership of the ‘rat race’ and, using the business acumen you acquired from the tender age of 14 selling sweets to your pals in the playground, ran directly from the school gates into setting up your own personal ‘empire’.

Whatever the route that led you to the gate of ‘Business Ownership, its very likely...

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